Chilli Piper

Our Farm

Chillilicious is Scotland’s first ever chilli farm! As well as being pioneers in our field, and inspiring other similar farms to start up in Scotland, we are the most Northerly chilli farm in the UK and in Europe!

Run by the Mother/Daughter super team, Patricia and Stacey Galfskiy, we produce a range of chilli products unlike anything else currently on the market. Or secret? We make it ourselves using love and hard work!! Combining both our passions for food and art, our products are truly unique - just like the humble chilli itself.

Currently we have two large polytunnels that we grow our chillies in. Every year we plant seeds that we have harvested from our chillies the year before, the baby plants then live in our indoor nursery under lights for approx 3 months or until the weather is mild enough for them to be transferred outside to the tunnels.

We do not use any pesticides at all, not even organic varieties. Instead we use natural predators that we buy in i.e. ladybugs and aphidius. These little guys LOVE to munch aphids and other pests and therefore we have no issues. During the day we open the polytunnel doors to allow the bees from our resident chilli farm beehive to do their work! This year will be our first year trying honey made from pollinating chilli plants - how exciting!

Our ingredients are sourced from local companies therefore we support the small businesses surrounding us create a strong Fife based business network.

Our company is focused on sustainable, green living with a closed loop recycling system. 2014 sees the development of our innovative renewables program on the farm as well as the expansion and new build projects of the kitchen, glass workshop, 'pick your own' chilli tunnel and gift shop/gallery.

TOP TIP: Slugs eating your lettuce? Mix some hot chillies in a spray bottle with water, let sit for a couple of days then spray on lettuce. They won't even go near them! Just remember to wash your lettuce before YOU eat any haha!