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Satan's Shit

Satan's Shit


Taste Satan's last supper... if you dare!!

So this is it - the hottest chilli product you can get before drinking neat extract! Containing a blistering 12 million scovilles of heat, this little pot will last a very long time. This is serious stuff guys, only for the chilli-head from hell. 

This is XXXX-hot so just be aware - and don't say we didn't warm you! By signing the T&C's upon checkout you release The Chillilicious Farm from any responsibility for any damage it may do to your system, physical or mental. You also agree to this product being for ADULTS ONLY and you are confirming that you are over 18 years old.

Shelf life: Approx 1 year
Once opened, recommended to eat within 30 days.

Note: Product may have a label naming it 'Santa's Shit' at different times of the year.

Naga ghost chilli, urfa chilli, raspberry, mulato chilli, red wine vinegar, fruit juice, cherries, apricots, raisins, black treacle, 6.4M chilli extract, 12M chilli extract. 

Allergy Advice:
None provided by manufacturer.

Product made by Chilli Pepper Pete.

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