Chilli Piper

Do not fear Chilliheads! Our website is still open for orders :D

However, yes it's true, after 8 years we're now seeking someone with a passion for food, chillies and all things spicy to take over the full Chillilicious (and all  it's trimmings!) and therefore allowing us to diversify our own farm into growing exotic and rare plants. Our new venture will take a few years to develop but we're really excited about a new challenge.

So if you've ever wanted to run your own business, work your own hours, do something you love but didn’t know how to start your own company, now is your chance. For more info please visit: 

The Chillilicious Farm is Scotland's first and original chilli farm. We are a family run food venture creating homemade chilli food and gift items.

Based in the heart of the beautiful Kingdom of Fife, Scotland, we grow approximately 4,000 chilli plant per year - thats around 12,000kg of fresh chillies! Our speciality is in the wide and varied range of rare and super hot chillies that we grow, between 50-75 different varieties every year.