Chilli Piper

About Us

A very BIG welcome from the family here at Chillilicious!

Please note that the farm shop will not be re-opening again and the farm itself is not open to visitors currently. This is due to ongoing building works on the farm making visitation at this time not possible. We will still be attending various markets throughout the year and our website is available to order from 24/7 :)

We hope you enjoy having a look through our website, let me introduce our team and tell you a little bit of history behind our unique wee company. 

Back in October 2010 Mother and Daughter, Tricia and Stacey, had a crazy idea - to open a chilli farm in Scotland! At that point there were no chilli farms in Scotland at all, the closest to us being over 5 hours away in England. We launched our then unknown company in May 2011 as part of North Fife Open Studios Festival  and had over 1,500 visitors over the first 3 days! 

Our range started off small with just a couple of chutneys, made from the chillies we grew on the farm. The company expanded quickly to the demands of our loyal customers and went on to create a diverse range of products that are still all handmade by us on the farm. We focus on the flavour of the chilli and the amazing health benefits rather than heat. Chilli should be a fun experience and we have products for every level of chilli enthusiast. Only locally sought, fresh ingredients go into our luxury products - we never used tinned or frozen fruit and veg.

Today our still family run farm spans 2.5 acres and includes two large polytunnels, an all-chilli farm shop, and all-purpose built kitchen unit.

We grow over 4,000 chilli plants every year (thats approximately 12,000kg of fresh chillies) in over 75 different spicy varieties! We even grow purple chillies! Specialising in the super hot and rare varieties, our organic tunnels are incredible to visit. Chilli plants and fruit are available from May to October - depending on the growing conditions that year. No pesticides are used on our plants, instead we use a mix of natural predators. Ladybirds and aphidius are ravenous little beauties that once introduced into the tunnels will hunt and eat any nasty pests that might find their way onto our plants. In turn if the hungry bugs don't get pests then the carniverous plants will - yes we are being serious! Our pollination is done by the honey bees who live in the three on-farm hives and do a marvellous job at increasing the fruit yield.

Chillilicious has won several awards including:

Finalist in Retail Business of the Year
Finalist in Rural Business of the Year

Courier Business Awards 2015

Selected Winning Business
Go Global: The Mission to China 2015
Enterprise Nation

SBS Winner April 
Small Business Sunday Competition 2015
Theo Paphitis

Winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Radio Tay Awards 2015
Fife Business Awards 2015


Finalist in Tourism Business of the Year
Fife Business Awards 2015


Special Recommendation in Young Ambassador of the Year
Scottish Thistle Awards 2014
Visit Scotland


2nd Best UK Hot Sauce Producer
3rd Best UK Jam/Preserve Maker
3rd Best UK Professional Chilli Grower

People's Choice Chilli Awards 2014
Clifton Chilli Club

Multiple Awards including Craft Champion two years running
Scottish Smallholder Competition Show 2013 & 2014
Scottish Smallholder & Grower Festival


Competition Winner two years running 
Fund 101 2012 & 2013
Enterprise Nation

Top Up Fund 2012
Ideas Tap


Best Chilli Chutney
National Chilli Awards 2012
Fiery Foods

Best Chutney
Annual Chutney Competition 2012
Peel Farm